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Call for Student Presentations
The Student Contest will award Prizes:
First Place $250, Second Place $150, Third Place $100

At the ACET annual conference, college and high school educators of computation present and discuss ideas and observations relevant to introducing students to and preparing students for careers in computation.

Students intending to teach or research computing education are encouraged to submit proposals for posters and presentations related to their investigations and projects.

Registration fees for the conference will be only $25 for students with accepted posters, and prizes will be awarded for exceptional contributions.

Submission requirements are a one page summary addressing:
Project objectives
How this work is relevant to the teaching of computation
(If available) Web link to your project's home page


Examples of appropriate material for student presentations include: technology related challenging class projects, research projects, internship reports, and other research experiences.

  1. All student submissions will be double-blind reviewed and successful applicants will be scheduled for Student Poster-styled presentations.
  2. Presentations may be accompanied by a demonstration of the software or system developed by the student.
  3. Each student attending the conference is required to register as a Student by 28 October 2016.
  4. In order for a presentation to be scheduled for delivery at the conference, and compete for the prizes, at least one student presenter must register and be in attendance.
  5. Accepted Student Presentations will be judged on the afternoon of 28 October 2016 based on: content and presentation.
  6. Abstracts of eligible Student Presentations will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Student registration includes conference attendance as well as the Friday 28 October 2016 lunch and dinner.

For more information regarding student submissions, email the Student Presentation Chairperson at